What is MovieQ ?

MovieQ is your best choice and value for quality entertainment offering a unique experience in selecting and renting movies and games. It's is your network of highly efficient-automated DVD stores, it's movies for the masses.

MovieQ is so much more than your typical video store, it's your portal to the movies you want, when you want them. You'll find them on Blu-Ray and DVD and there is always an array of hot new video games available.

What makes MovieQ different?

For starters, you have all of your movie choices at your finger tips. With a touch of your finger, you can scan the entire MovieQ library, make your selections and even play trailers. Once you've made your selection you are serviced by MovieQ's innovative 21st century robotics.

You'll find the best pricing available for the selection you have at MovieQ. There's no membership fee at MovieQ which further enhances the value. You can keep you rental movies as long as you like, up to 14 days at the daily rental rate.

MovieQ is also your online video store. At MovieQ.com you can build your own personal "Q-list" of your favorite titles, manage your account and reserve titles that you can pick-up at your neighborhood store.

Most importantly, there's no waiting for your DVD's to arrive in the mail and there no waiting for 28 days after the DVD release as with other stores. You can get weekly e-mails about upcoming releases and promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter. You can also recieve updates through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

MovieQ is a fully owned subsidiary of Point.360, where movies are made. Check out our website to find out more.